Rockin’ The Mike: A Very Fake. Hallowe’en


It’s felt like far too long since I’ve seen or heard from Mike.  Less a ghost than a rumour, that seems our boy at the moment.  Or rather like some unutterable curse that purses the lips of devout friend and passing acquaintance alike, no one seems to be willing to speak of it.  Admittedly, I haven’t exactly been keeping up appearances myself lately.

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Gimme The Gear(s): Threadless $10 Sale

This bit of swag is too good to miss!  Until tomorrow, the goodly mensches at Threadless are selling their stuff at an unbelieveable price. 

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A Very ‘fake.’ Hallowe’en: submissions DEADline

Well it’s Friday the 13th and although I know some of you’ll be busy getting your Sarah Michelle Gellar on with the release of the much-hyped and most likely equally slow-paced ‘The Grudge 2’ (even the slightly superior Japanese version did precious little to hold my interest despite ‘Tino’s incessant chatter about what a moody piece it was…there’s a fine line between ‘subtle’ and ‘soporific’ ‘Tino…I thought calling it a moody piece was only half right).

Regardless of where you stand on the merits of japanese horror, you need to know this:  you have until midnight tonight (mmmwwwuuuuhahahaha!!!) to get your submissions in for the Hallowe’en Rockin’ The Mike

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‘Real Horrorshow’: Hallowe’en Rockin’ The Mike DIY

Hellow folks.  Just thought I’d blog a quick call for some class participation.  As you know, there’s a shortage of really good seasonal music compilations out there (and those there are seem to skew towards the Christmas end of the holiday scale) so I though i’d remedy the sitch by asking for contributions to Rockin’ The Mike: A Very fake. Hallowe’en.  Anyone can contribute by leaving  your chosen artist and track name in the comments section.  If your track is selected for inclusion on the comp, you’ll receive a limited edition copy of the compilation which’ll include some fancy-schmancy album art designed by the editorial staff.  I’m looking for ‘spooky’, ‘atmospheric’ or ‘thematic’ and am open to suggestion as long as it falls within those admittedly loose parameters.  There are a few rules though:

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Gimme the Gear(s): The Big Beta Blowout Sale

Although summer only ‘officially’ ended a week ago, all wet, windy indications would put the actual date of its departure somewhere around mid-August. Fear not intrepid readers, through a semi-frequent dose of simulated light called ‘Gimme The Gear(s)’ we’ll vainly attempt to artificially brighten the darker corners of the bleak winter ahead with the bottled sunshine of retail therapy and the Fake. bake of conspicious consuption. It’s about the merch yo! Or, to put it another way, in the words of Bill Clinton: “It’s the economy, stupid!” Continue reading ‘Gimme the Gear(s): The Big Beta Blowout Sale’

Food Dare: ‘Fowl Times’

Food and sex have been analogized ad nauseum and I find no small amount of delight in the fact that among the qualities they share is an interesting relationship to craving: it seems I always want more of either immediately after I’ve had some. But there’s no ‘fucking’ way I’ll be craving ‘balut’ again any time soon.

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Rockin’ The Mike: ‘Crikey! A Fake Tribute To Steve Irwin’

Nevermind that he was the 17th documented case of someone being killed by a stingray in the last 100 years. Nevermind that if only he’d been lucid enough (despite lethal combo of poison and adrenaline coursing through his veins and no doubt a rather freaked out devilfish stabbed to his chest) to have the good sense not to pull the stinger out of his heart, they could’ve taken him to the hospital and he’d’ve been alright.

Nevermind all of that. Pay attention to the fact that the world is short one more interesting character this morning.

It’s a little disingenuous to say that he was bound to die, considering how reckless his behaviour appeared at times, as a result of injuries received from one of the menagerie of dangerous animals that made up the cast of his weekly show. This was a freak accident, only the 4th ever in Australian waters. What’s more telling is that this was the first (and sadly the only) time he’d ever been bitten/stung/harmed in any way by any of the animals that graced his weekly programme illustrating the consumate care and respect he had for every member of the animal kingdom .
So Mike requested this post to acknowledge the affection that most people had for either the man or his antics.

Reaction to the news of his passing range from outpourings of genuine affinity for an uncompromising, passionately lived life, to complete disbelief at how absurd the end. Typically, sarcasm seems to help buffer the grief since Mike’s initial reaction was, in a ratchet-ed up ersatz aussie accent: ‘Crikey! I’m Dead’ which provoked chuckles and mild scorn from any girls within earshot at the climbing gym. Whatever way you’d like to approach it (in the spirit of Steve Irwin, carefully would be my suggestion) the fact is: some little girl is fatherless tonight. Luckily, like the rest of us, she will have hours of video of a well-lived life to turn to for inspiration.

Crikey! A Fake Tribute To Steve Irwin

Track Artist: Song:
1 Sly & The Family Stone Que Sera, Sera
2 Poets of Rhythm Eulogize The Source
3 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators Gator Funk
4 The Charlatans UK Weirdo
5 Ian Brown Dolphins Were Monkeys
6 British Sea Power Fear of Drowning
7 The Pixies Wave of Mutilation
8 Superchunk Water Wings
9 New Order Regret
10 Saturday Looks Good To Me Meet me by the Water
11 Band of Horses The Funeral
12 Jamie Liddell What’s The Use?
13 Broken Social Scene Pacific Theme
14 Radiohead Just
15 Blur Ambulance
16 Robert Pollard Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
17 Death In the Sea Bonny “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweney