Gimme the Gear(s): The Big Beta Blowout Sale

Although summer only ‘officially’ ended a week ago, all wet, windy indications would put the actual date of its departure somewhere around mid-August. Fear not intrepid readers, through a semi-frequent dose of simulated light called ‘Gimme The Gear(s)’ we’ll vainly attempt to artificially brighten the darker corners of the bleak winter ahead with the bottled sunshine of retail therapy and the Fake. bake of conspicious consuption. It’s about the merch yo! Or, to put it another way, in the words of Bill Clinton: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The Big BETA Blowout Sale

Like one of the founders of the excllent BETA line of athletic gear, the BETA 20% off sale is also a libra (Happy Birthday Dave!!!). And like most libras, BETA clothes tend to be pleasant, charming, fair, perceptive, idealistic, and refined in character and currently 20% off while the sun is in its house (or until the stock runs out).

As I’ve mentioned before, every super-stylish piece of apparel is well-made using fantastic fabric and a keen eye for detail, looking great whether you’re sending a route or strolling the sunny saturday pavement. And right now the prices can’t be beat. Hot picks include the ‘Transition’ zip jogger for $52 (regularly $65) and the ‘Ascent’ touques (now $14.40, regularly $18) for those crips autumn days.

Order their clothes online or avoid the shipping charge and swing by TCA to pick it up from Dave personally (and wish him a happy birthday, natch).


1 Response to “Gimme the Gear(s): The Big Beta Blowout Sale”

  1. 1 Dave October 1, 2006 at 1:11 pm

    Good friends are the greatest gift anyone could have whether it be one or two, or in my case an entire community. Thanks so much for all of the hype, and support from the start.. Nothing in my life would mean anything if I didnt have the vast group of good buddies I am so very fortunate to have to share it with.

    Thanks ALL for just being fantastic…

    Wicked, wicked site….FAKE is where it’s AT!

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