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What’s Your Powermove?: ‘The Show’ with Ze Frank

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There are reasons why you should never spend your weekends without company. After spending the better part of the evening hours of this previous weekend left to my own devices, ostensibly trying to catch up on some sleep only to work myself into a mental lather through liberal use of motion sickness pills and too much Cherry Citrus Fresca– someone oughta put a recommended daily dose on those things— i found myself in a surreal headspace locked into a strange eliptical orbit between spastically paranoid 5am fits: wondering in a beckett-esque sorta way exactly why I currently had no friends and moreover exactly how long that state of affairs would continue. In that time i managed to: hyperventilate; read a few trembling paragraphs of Flann O’Brien’s ‘The Third Policeman’ (a book i’ve had in my library for seven years which i dare say is longer than the average ‘Lost’ fan); and sort through a fair number of metafilter posts. And i’m certainly glad i did since i came across a dandy little gem of a site that kept me company during my dark night of the soul and and provided hours of hilarity in the ‘waking’ hours that lay ahead. Continue reading ‘What’s Your Powermove?: ‘The Show’ with Ze Frank’


Trampoline Hall

I know going out on a monday night isn't usually high on the priority list. Combined with licking your wounds from the weekend that preceded, the first day of the work-week is normally subdued at best and a totally draining train-wreck write-off at worst.

Still if you want something to do at least one monday out of the month I highly recommend swinging by Sneaky Dee's for the festivities at Trampoline Hall.

Conceived of by the likes of Carl Wilson, Sheila Heti, Roberto Veri and others, and hosted by the stutteringly effervescent Misha Glouberman, the Trampoline Hall formula is deceptively simple: part university lecture, part performance art, part conversation. Each month sees a revolving door of curators selecting three lecturers who have one thing in common– they can have no prior background or any formal expertise/training in the subject of their lecture. You can always guarantee an interesting take on even the most mundane subjects as well as diverse topics as seemingly unrelated to the urban arts scene as 'animal husbandry'.

The highlight of yesterday's series was Amy Langstaff's lecture on etiquette and the nature of embarassment. It was equally funny and poignant especially considering the lecture that came before and established beyond the shadow of a doubt what i always assumed that there are two kinds of people:  those who vomit in their sleeves and those who don't.  Her talk even managed to become more personal and a heckuva lot more topical by me inadvertently spilling my beer which gave those seated at the table around me discussion fodder on the nature of schadenfreude as we sopped up the suds with our lecture programmes.

What: Trampoline Hall

When: Once a month– always on a monday

Tickets: $6 available the thursday before the event at Soundscapes on College St. and $5 at the door starting at 6:30 pm.

Second Floor Bathroom Waiting Line at the Drake

Yesterday found me at The Drake Hotel through a chance invitation to attend the 20th anniversary benefit for the YMCA hostel on Queen St. W. A great cause helmed by a group of genuinely concerned and caring individuals.

Now I've never been a huge fan of The Drake. Probably because it reminds me of Chelsea. The football team, not the legendary New York hotel that the Drake seems to be trying so hard to emulate. Like the 'Blues', the Drake is awash in money that's been spent to offer a pretty, bandwagon-chic package that goes down easy. Also like the blues, for all it's got going for it, the product fails to deliver when it matters peddling in anti-climax for the most part.

Maybe I'm just bitter since i got yelled at for eating an olive straight outta the surly, fake-titted bartender's stash– why put it at the front of the bar where any drunken lout can stick a greasy paw in, huh? Much more cordial was former celebrity bartender Gordon Hanna lately of Food Network's show 'The Cookworks' who was exceedingly pleasant and took the time to chat with me as he muddled mojitos.

Surprisingly, the one place the air of contempt doesn't extend is the line up for the three bathrooms on the second floor. Apparently making friends is easy when you have something in common– like a swelling bladder. A stark contrast to the queue of sourpussed blonde airheads and poseurs waiting to use the ATM in the basement near the coatcheck, I was totally blown away by how amiable, friendly and unpretentious everyone in this line was while queueing for the next available room. And so it seems just when you think you've got this city all figured out it goes and pulls a fast one on ya. That's why I love living here and why despite what I said at the beginning of this post, I'll surely be back to Skypad at the Drake to use the loo and make some new friends.

Listen Up Theo!!!: House Of Cosbys


The Internets are home to some of the funniest, most entertaining, controversial television programmes being produced. One of my recent favourites is the bizarre, surreal The House of Cosbys.

The premise is deceptively simple: Mitchell, a lifelong fan of the Coz finds one of Bill's hairs after a comedy club gig and devotes the next ten years of his life to creating a Cosby Cloning Machine. Hilarity definitely ensues.

Lawsuits ensue as well. Bill's lawyer's don't think too much of the show and have slapped its creative mastermind Justin Roiland with a 'cease and desist' order which is too bad since i think these programmes are genius and could probably do a lot to get the Coz back some street cred he's been missing for awhile.

you can find the shows online at YouTube, Google Video or where i found it.