What’s Your Powermove?: ‘The Show’ with Ze Frank

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There are reasons why you should never spend your weekends without company. After spending the better part of the evening hours of this previous weekend left to my own devices, ostensibly trying to catch up on some sleep only to work myself into a mental lather through liberal use of motion sickness pills and too much Cherry Citrus Fresca– someone oughta put a recommended daily dose on those things— i found myself in a surreal headspace locked into a strange eliptical orbit between spastically paranoid 5am fits: wondering in a beckett-esque sorta way exactly why I currently had no friends and moreover exactly how long that state of affairs would continue. In that time i managed to: hyperventilate; read a few trembling paragraphs of Flann O’Brien’s ‘The Third Policeman’ (a book i’ve had in my library for seven years which i dare say is longer than the average ‘Lost’ fan); and sort through a fair number of metafilter posts. And i’m certainly glad i did since i came across a dandy little gem of a site that kept me company during my dark night of the soul and and provided hours of hilarity in the ‘waking’ hours that lay ahead.

So what’s brilliant about ‘The Show’ and Ze Frank, sports racers? well he’s got ‘Frank’ in his name which i like for starters. ‘Frank’ also implies honesty which is what the show is about: the truth. Literate and absurd, scathing and sincere, ‘The Show’ is your recommended daily dose of three minute, frantic online goodness– like a tweaker ‘Daily Show’.

When not being one of the few voices online that’s unafraid of making Magritte jokes, actively discouraging new viewers, admitting his affections for gay things like ‘duckies’, hatin’ on ‘hard chargers’, bravely fearing ‘Google’ despite all the evidence to the contrary and getting his chubby on for fellow video blogger Amanda Congdon, Ze manages to skillfully massage memes and cleverly provide some interesting insights into politics and cyber culture.

Fake. has admitted to me that when it grows up it wants to be Ze Frank’s ‘The Show’. I told it to work on its powermove and awesomeness is pretty much a given.

So next time you find yourself in a late-night freakout, turn to your one friend on the web, Ze…he’ll talk you down off the branch, take you inside, wrap you in a blanket and serve you a hot, steaming cup of truth. Shit, i liked it so gawddamn much I added it to my blogroll.


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