Trampoline Hall

I know going out on a monday night isn't usually high on the priority list. Combined with licking your wounds from the weekend that preceded, the first day of the work-week is normally subdued at best and a totally draining train-wreck write-off at worst.

Still if you want something to do at least one monday out of the month I highly recommend swinging by Sneaky Dee's for the festivities at Trampoline Hall.

Conceived of by the likes of Carl Wilson, Sheila Heti, Roberto Veri and others, and hosted by the stutteringly effervescent Misha Glouberman, the Trampoline Hall formula is deceptively simple: part university lecture, part performance art, part conversation. Each month sees a revolving door of curators selecting three lecturers who have one thing in common– they can have no prior background or any formal expertise/training in the subject of their lecture. You can always guarantee an interesting take on even the most mundane subjects as well as diverse topics as seemingly unrelated to the urban arts scene as 'animal husbandry'.

The highlight of yesterday's series was Amy Langstaff's lecture on etiquette and the nature of embarassment. It was equally funny and poignant especially considering the lecture that came before and established beyond the shadow of a doubt what i always assumed that there are two kinds of people:  those who vomit in their sleeves and those who don't.  Her talk even managed to become more personal and a heckuva lot more topical by me inadvertently spilling my beer which gave those seated at the table around me discussion fodder on the nature of schadenfreude as we sopped up the suds with our lecture programmes.

What: Trampoline Hall

When: Once a month– always on a monday

Tickets: $6 available the thursday before the event at Soundscapes on College St. and $5 at the door starting at 6:30 pm.


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