Second Floor Bathroom Waiting Line at the Drake

Yesterday found me at The Drake Hotel through a chance invitation to attend the 20th anniversary benefit for the YMCA hostel on Queen St. W. A great cause helmed by a group of genuinely concerned and caring individuals.

Now I've never been a huge fan of The Drake. Probably because it reminds me of Chelsea. The football team, not the legendary New York hotel that the Drake seems to be trying so hard to emulate. Like the 'Blues', the Drake is awash in money that's been spent to offer a pretty, bandwagon-chic package that goes down easy. Also like the blues, for all it's got going for it, the product fails to deliver when it matters peddling in anti-climax for the most part.

Maybe I'm just bitter since i got yelled at for eating an olive straight outta the surly, fake-titted bartender's stash– why put it at the front of the bar where any drunken lout can stick a greasy paw in, huh? Much more cordial was former celebrity bartender Gordon Hanna lately of Food Network's show 'The Cookworks' who was exceedingly pleasant and took the time to chat with me as he muddled mojitos.

Surprisingly, the one place the air of contempt doesn't extend is the line up for the three bathrooms on the second floor. Apparently making friends is easy when you have something in common– like a swelling bladder. A stark contrast to the queue of sourpussed blonde airheads and poseurs waiting to use the ATM in the basement near the coatcheck, I was totally blown away by how amiable, friendly and unpretentious everyone in this line was while queueing for the next available room. And so it seems just when you think you've got this city all figured out it goes and pulls a fast one on ya. That's why I love living here and why despite what I said at the beginning of this post, I'll surely be back to Skypad at the Drake to use the loo and make some new friends.


1 Response to “Second Floor Bathroom Waiting Line at the Drake”

  1. 1 M. Bro May 21, 2006 at 9:06 pm

    these lists are getting a bit weird. i’ll have a good one for you soon though.


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