Rockin’ The Mike: Nail Our Shadows To The Bedpost

Of those rare, dusty moments cast in affection's umbrage, this particular one caught me by surprise since it's origins were hardly noble; the story'd hardly be worth mentioning at all were it not for its persistence. Or perhaps that's where the significance was born. It wasn't even that i was particularly fond of, or all that connected to her. She was lovely, don't get me wrong and for some reason, bathed in that instant all i wanted was to render that single, slender, perfect moment static and dwell in it forever. Despite what she said about chemistry, I told her as she lay there, splendidly naked, that it was the alchemy that she should be afraid of– like chemistry but complicated with a tiny spark of magic: haunting moments, Unnameable, inexplicably– that that kind of long division always has remainders.

Being a romantic at heart I was convinced that dreamy, overlit afternoon that I could keep the sun from its pligrimage across the window pane if, in an act of passionate defiance i could only nail our shadows to the bedpost. But instead we got up, got dressed and said 'goodbye'.

She was so very meta. constantly asking me what i was thinking at every inopportunity. Never realising that sometimes i'm not thinking (most would argue that's classic understatement) and under the circumstances the best way to treat the moment was just to 'be' in that kinda german philosophy sorta way.

Scrutiny, it turns out was a weight it simply couldn't bare. So I made this CD for her as a last act of passionate defiance weeks after the holographic moment had passed– that split-second where the whole was entirely revealed, briefly flickered, and illuminating our trajectory– rendered us merely actors, merely sundials. The songs were chosen because sometimes you go crossed-eyed from reading too close. Half of what I said meant something else and the other half didn't mean anything at all.

However, all's not lost. We soldier on, safe in the knowledge that it's never not always the end of the world. And although these mixes are all really for Mike, this particular one goes out to Anna, hangin' out somewhere with the loonies tonight– apologies for the vintage threads this mix is dressed in, and splendidly naked thanks for fulfilling the promise of that distant moment made by someone else:

Nail Our Shadows to the Bedpost

Track Artist: Song:
1 Tahiti 80 Heartbeat
2 Scissor Sisters Filthy/Gorgeous
3 Kula Shaker Hush
4 The Flaming Lips Buggin'
5 Guided By Voices 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
6 Blur Coffee and TV
7 The Supremes Keep Me Hangin' On
8 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y Control
9 Elastica Stutter
10 Elvis Costello Radio, Radio
11 Liz Phair Fuck and Run
12 The Cure Just Like Heaven
13 The Organ Memorize The City
14 Broken Social Scene Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Rexmix)
15 Franz Ferdinand Auf Achse
16 The Doves Words
17 Bloc Party Banquet
18 The Jam Going Underground
19 Blackstar Hater Players
20 New Order Ceremony (Single Mix)
21 Echo and the Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar
22 Annie Heartbeat

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