Rockin’ The Mike: Car Toons

Mike told me once that in the far distant future, people will listen to less music. The wide availability of teleportation technology will mean that even if that mode of transport wasn't completely instantaneous, it would be impossible to hear anything above the high-pitched buzz and whir associated with disintegrating you atom by atom and creating an exact duplicate at another set of cartesian co-ordinates– that combined with your own hearty sobs and wails at the horror and pain of actually being disintegrated.

Mike is also convinced that in the not-too-distant future, people are gonna actually be listening to more music, roadtrippin' with the windows down since contrary to what the weather this past weekend would lead you to believe, he suspects spring has arrived in earnest. So in that spirit, here's a mix for Mike chock full o'songs that are either about driving or that sound great blaring from car speakers. Perhaps Mike an I can listen to this on our next trip to Awesometown (post to follow). At least the ride'll be amusing…

1. Belle and Sebastian- Seeing Other People

2. The Magnetic Fields- The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side

3. Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out

4. My Bloody Valentine- Drive It All Over Me

5. The White Stripes- One More Cup Of Coffee

6. The Lucksmiths- Caravana

7. Pedro The Lion- Big Trucks

8. Guided By Voices- The Quality of Armor

9. Spoon- The Way We Get By

10. Sloan- 500 Up

11. Interpol- PDA

12. Oasis- Columbia

13. Primal Scream- Kill All Hippies

14. Radiohead- Airbag

15. Robert Pollard- People Are Leaving

16. Portishead- Roads

17. The Wedding Present- Drive

18. The Shins- Young Pilgrims

19. Throwing Muses- Not Too Soon

20. Butterfly Boucher- Another White Dash

21. Poe- Hey Pretty

And as with the last installment, the first person to post a comment– besides Mike Brooks or any pseudonym he might be using at the time— will receive their very own copy of the CD.


1 Response to “Rockin’ The Mike: Car Toons”

  1. 1 Mike....uhh...B. no no, M. brooks. April 27, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    frank, i love roadtripping. and lord knows that there will be enough of that this summer! can’t wait to get you to lions head. it’s going to be great, tunes on the way THERE courtesy of you, tunes on the way back courtesy of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, THE BLOOD BROTHERS, RAISED FIST, THE BLED, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, AS I LAY DYING, EVERY TIME I DIE or any other band that involves “blood”, “death” “dying” “fists” “coffins” “guns” or some sort of violence. which reminds me, include the the pioneering death metal band “DEATH” in the above list. also “CHOKE”.
    anways, keep on rocking that the figuritive sense.


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